Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday: back in mein Heimat

This morning was goodbye to Malta.  It was an interesting stay and a nice experience.  Flight went well.  My seat was between Dutch couple that I didn't know were Dutch or a couple when I sat down but after I found out the wife didn't take my offer to sit by her husband.  I think to show me they still like each other they held hands briefly over my lap on the take off.  It was quite cute as they are 60's.  Anyway we shared a few sentences and I impressed with a couple of be best Dutch lines (I speak a little Dutch).  They talked a little, but I could tell they were guarded not sure if I understood everything they were saying. The noteworthy part was when we were de-planing their traveling companions in front of us were much more gregarious.  They cracked a joke about Lufthansa our airline, drawing a very dutch-like whitty/silly play on the name Lufthansa.  Luft = air (and in Dutch this word also doubles as breaking wind), hansa = Hans is not so common in Dutch, but a common German name.  I laughed and they appreciated the audience.
This is the Lion's tower that Sally noticed behind me when were Facetiming this morning.  I probably would never had seen it if Sally hadn't pointed out their was a tower sticking out of my head on her screen.
 This is the church building on Rueckerstrasse where Opa was bishop.  Nice neat building, just as would expect.  Sorry I cut off the top floor in the picture.

This is a statue of Kaiser Ludwig, he died in 1860's I think.  The church is down the first street on the right there you can see the building the second on the right.  I bet you money Opa and Oma saw this very statue a few times.

This is the other end of Rueckerstrasse building street that opens up to the fair grounds where there are semi-perminant Oktoberfest building/tents.  Roll out the barrel!

 One more picture of the church building.
 This is hard to see by this is a hoge schule (high school) gymnasium at the end of the Rueckerstrasse church street.  I wonder if Papa knew anyone that went here.
I had dinner in a high class mall in Muenchen.  It was good, chicken curry and rice with the right amount of spice.  Sorry the picture is washed out.
 The mall had these nice big 30-40 foot vines growing down from the ceiling.  Different kinds.
 Hey honey, guess who spent too many years in college in our apartment building?

This is the Palace from 1650 in Muenchen.

This is part of the associated 1650 Palace gardens:

This is the 1895 Palace in Muenchen.  Evidently there just weren't enough rooms in the earlier one, or maybe it didn't have indoor plumbing.

These are the twin steeples of the Frauen Kirche in Muenchen.  One is being restored.
 Maximilian made the cut because if his cool pirate like stance.  I'm not sure he chose this one or his mother.  Either way I like it.  There are quite a few statues around the city of royalty and their best friends.
 This is the Theatre house, the friendly statue greating everyone is the Kaiser from 1850.

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karren said...

Thanks for the photos and narration Kyle. Looks like you had a great trip!